Existing test equipment solutions for EMSEC/EMI Testing are no longer manufactured, no longer supported, cannot be calibrated or repaired, and do not take advantage of significant advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that have occurred over the last 10-15 years. The EMSEC/EMI test equipment marketplace that is no longer producing offerings with a sustainable product lifecycle. In addition, there does not appear to be a clear migration path to modern RF hardware and DSP technology jeopardizing timely adaptation to new and emerging threats.


ADS is currently developing two new Spectrum Defender software modules, “EMSEC Basic” and “EMSEC Advanced”, which are specifically targeted to meet the needs of the EMSEC/TEMPEST communities. These new modules, combined with Spectrum Defender’s four existing modules, open many new signal analysis opportunities to the EMSEC community, including the following:

  • Record keeping based on actual IQ signal recordings instead of just spectral plots and traces
  • Continuous looping playback of captured RF signals for in-depth analysis across long time periods and across multiple technicians/engineers
  • Comparison of currently observed signals with signals previously recorded at different locations, or emitted from different aircraft, etc…
  • Simultaneous AM and FM demodulation of observed signals
  • Analysis of “constellation distortions” (e.g. detectable patterns in Wi-Fi modulation impairments)

EMSEC Basic Details

  • Simultaneous AM and FM demodulation of observed signals
  • View RF signal envelope with on-screen time domain display (volts vs. time)
  • AM/FM demodulation
  • Time domain display of demodulated signal with horizontal & vertical axis controls
  • Demodulated signal routed to baseband audio/headphone output with user adjustable sensitivity and volume controls

EMSEC Advanced Details

  • Hardware peripheral control knob for signal tuning and analyzer settings
  • Post-detection (“video”) analog output port (50MHz bandwidth)
  • Post-detection low-pass filter (user adjustable)
  • Oscilloscope style triggering for time domain displays