ADS offers a complete vibration and acoustic analysis and monitoring solutions from sensors to analysis software. Our sensors are based upon a tested and patent technology licensed from the US Navy. These are intensity modulated optical sensors usable in multiple scenarios. Are systems included the electro-optical interface with data available to a host of acquisition platforms

Acoustic & Vibration Sensors

The high performance microphones and accelerometers enjoy a deep heritage in generations of acoustic sensing research and development at the Naval Research Labs. The Navy needs highly sensitive instruments that detect and characterize waveforms in a wide range of environments. The Naval Research Labs invested several decades in the evolution of the technology that we use. The result: We deliver microphones, acoustic sensors and accelerometers of unparalleled performance for field and harsh environments.


Our high performance optical microphones achieve breakthrough performance compared to the best instrument microphones on the market today. Their passive optical design and simple mechanical structure eliminate electronic and thermal noise and is inherently more robust in the field. They provide exceptional uncorrectedaccuracy across a wider frequency range, with the capability to measure from fractional Hertz to 200 kHz. Our acoustic sensor systems have a low power budget (a little more than 2 W per channel), provide size and weight savings compared to condenser microphone based systems, do not require recalibration, and their performance is not impacted by environmental factors, delivering nearly identical performance in the lab or in the field.


Our intensity modulated optical accelerometers provide exceptional sensitivity and low frequency measurement compared to alternative products. As with all our sensors, their passive optical design delivers nearly identical performance in indoor, outdoor, or harsh environments, can be placed up to a kilometer or more away from the electronics where remote sensing is required, and reduce the size, weight and power of the measurement system. Our optical accelerometers are ideally suited for tunnelling detection, perimeter security, structural dynamics, equipment monitoring, product test and evaluation, and more.

Data Acquisition Hardware

Based on the industry standard range of vibration analysis hardware developed by National Instruments, our systems provide the flexibility you require with system capability from 1 to 255 channels. Due to the modular design, it is easy to add additional channels as your requirement expands. With high resolution sampling and an industry leading signal to noise ratio, our hardware solution is fit for any acoustic or vibration application. Software

The vibration analysis suite of software available includes routines for measuring acoustic and vibration signals and performing analysis routines such as feature table, Bode, shaft centreline, orbit and waterfall plots. Custom software development can be provided to meet all of your signal analysis routines and requirements.

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