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Acquired Data Solutions, Inc. (ADS) is a small business SeaPort-e prime contract holder in Zone 2.

Acquired Data Solutions, Inc, (ADS) offers SeaPort-e customers the following capabilities and professional services.

  • Our domains range from Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum, vision, acoustic, and vibration applications to testers and systems that emulate and capture responses in development and operational test.
  • We provide complete and partial data acquisition systems, development, test planning and test execution personnel for situations requiring human and machine data acquisition.
  • ADS provides systems engineering development for projects of all sizes including software development and hardware integration for test automation, measurement and calibration.
  • Our comprehensive expertise in the overall planning and tactical implementation of Operational Test & Evaluation projects includes working with stakeholders to develop plans, manage on site data collection efforts, perform analysis, and prepare required CDRLs, reports and status.
  • We are also a solutions provider and integrator for a consortium of small businesses in the Washington DC metro area.
  • As leader of the team, ADS pursues opportunities and defines the system and delivers the solution. Consortium team members provide specialized technology and services to augment the overall ADS solution. In addressing the functional areas identified ADS will be capitalizing on these relationships.
  • Our consortium subcontractors and suppliers broaden our overall capability and as a small business greatly enable us to maintain an expanded technology base with minimal overhead and investment.

Acquired Data Solutions, Inc. (ADS) is eligible to compete for Task Orders across all 22 functional Areas of the SeaPort-e Statement of Work, and will seek to expand our capabilities through teaming and recruiting quality personnel.

The Acquired Data Solutions, Inc. (ADS) SeaPort-e Team:

Acquired Data Solutions, Inc.

Small Business: Prime Contracter

ADS is a data acquisition and control company spanning a range of operational, environmental and technical domains. These domains range from RF spectrum, vision, acoustics, and vibration to systems that emulate environments and capture responses for developmental and operational test. ADS has comprehensive expertise in the overall planning and tactical implementation for Operational Test & Evaluation projects. Clients of ADS have included large prime contractors such as Northrop Grumman and Engility, and in support of DHS/TSA, NIST, US Army, US Coast Guard, and US Navy/NRL.

T3Space & Communications

Small Business: Subcontracter

T3 Space and Communications (T3SPACE) was founded in 2001 by a creative business-technology executive with extensive experience in program and technical project management, and systems, architecture, and technical design. T3SPACE excels in the identification, technical development and program management of product and service ventures. T3SPACE provides leadership in the program acquisition and development phases while mentoring client staff to effectively manage throughout the program life-cycle. Clients include Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA), Northrop Grumman/Sperry Marine, NASA Langley Research Center, and USAF Phillips Laboratory.

AccuStrata, Inc.

Small Business: Subcontractor

AccuStrata is a graduate company from University of Maryland TAP business incubator and a member of University of Maryland Research Park in College Park, MD. The company founders are several distinguished professionals in Optics, Semiconductors and Thin Film Technology and business entrepreneurship. AccuStrata provides in-situ monitoring and predictive modeling technologies for dynamic quality control of products and processes. Key clients include National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.

WaveTech Services, LLC.

Small Business: Subcontractor

Wavetech has active collaborations with Oklahoma State University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, and has successfully participated in the Department of Defense SBIR program. WaveTech clients include ADS and Public Broadcasting Services. Wavetech is the principal developer of the Spectrum Defender software suite.

SmartSensecom, Inc.

Small Business: Subcontractor

SmartSenseCom was conceived by its founders as an industrial information company that safely supplies the best possible measurement, control, and diagnostic information for a wide range of applications. The company began in mid-2010 with a technology license from the Naval Research Laboratory and worked for the last several years to adapt that NRL technology to the commercial environment – focusing on two core applications: acoustic detection and the measurement and management of electric power systems.

Functional Areas:

Functional Areas:

Functional Area 3: Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support

Functional Area 8: Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support

Functional Area 20: Program Support

Past Performances:

Functional Areas

Contract Number

Customer Name

3, 8, 20


National Institute of Standards and Technology

ADS was awarded a Four-Year Maintenance Contract (Base Year + 3 Option Years) for the NZERTF. The NZERTF is an experimental house designed to test the viability of advanced energy technologies by simulating one year’s of energy generation and consumption, then determining if there is a net zero effect, an experimental house designed to test the viability of advanced energy technologies. This contract is a follow on to the original development contract.

Functional Areas

Contract Number

Customer Name

3, 8, 20


Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems

ADS delivered an 8-channel arbitrary waveform generator to NGES based upon the ADS Spectrum Defender platform. With phase synchronous long duration data streams, the system emulates antennas to enhance subsystem testing by direct injection of RF and IF to the processor signal. The RF or IF environments, created by the Spectrum Defender waveform generator provide the downlink for data processing subsystems. This down link is extremely versatile with the ability to emulate environments requiring less than eight channels or may be cascaded with additional units to expand to 16, 32 and 64+ channels.

Functional Areas

Contract Number

Customer Name

3, 8, 20

PO-0000579 TSA TESS - IDIQ

TASC/Engility Corporation

ADS provides Test & Evaluation Support Services (TESS) for TSA as a Tier 1 Subcontractor to TASC. TSA has a mandate to determine operational effectiveness and suitability of transportation security equipment, processes and procedures. Since 2006, ADS has supported TSA’s objective by preforming on Operational Test & Evaluation efforts and working with stakeholders at all levels. As part of TASC’s Team, ADS preforms on all of the phases of the Testing Life Cycle: Test Planning, Test Execution, Data Analysis and Reporting. ADS has been awarded multiple task orders to support TASC on a variety of OT&E efforts. We have provided all levels of support for these tests including Project Leads, Site Leads, Test Engineers, Data Collectors, Threat Inserts, and Behavior Detection Officer (BDO) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Quality Assurance:

ADS has implemented a customer-focused approach to quality that is implemented across all programs. We use metrics pertaining to product and service quality, cost and schedule adherence to identify potential problem areas and trigger appropriate corrective action. To ensure our quality control efforts are consistent with the priorities of the SEAPORT-e PCO and ordering offices’ priorities, the PM will work under the direction of ADS President, Steve Seiden, to implement the quality activities highlighted below.

Quality Assessment and Ability to Obtain Feedback:

  • Perform a quality control evaluation on each contract at start-up and regular intervals during period of performance to ensure conformance and measure the success of the plan
  • Oversee a periodic review and update of our QCP and lead monthly teleconferences between contract leads and ADS management to review quality objectives
  • Ensure every employee is trained on ADS quality policies, processes, and tools
  • Ensure management team support to immediately address any quality issues
  • Hold ongoing formal and informal interaction with COR, COTR, and Program Office representatives for continual feedback
  • Develop, communicate, and implement corrective action plans for any contract or employee performance metrics that are below the standard

Performance Documentation and Reporting:

Monthly Progress, Status and Management Reports will detail program performance status – whether from a cost, schedule or technical perspective – and provide trend and variance analyses. Our PM will meet monthly, or as required, with Task Order CORs and the TO Leads will meet monthly with each government TO PM upon delivery of the monthly reports, with a goal of monitoring and receiving feedback on quality, cost control and schedule. The ADS Team also will document and report on program performance in the TO management reviews, IPTs, and formal SE reviews. The ADS PM and TO Leads continually inform program team members of the challenges and critical success factors of the program through regular quarterly discussions at the PMB and regularly scheduled training.

Subcontractor Quality Management:

ADS requires each of our subcontractors to implement corporate quality program and each of our subcontractors must designate a senior manager responsible for execution of each subcontract and the delivery of quality support services. ADS requires that each teammate’s quality control systems conform to the disciplined standards set by our QCP. ADS uses properly stated quality objectives, measures of effectiveness, feedback loops, and continuous improvement efforts to ensure that only the highest quality products and services are delivered on time and within budget to ordering offices.

Points of Contact:

Customer Satisfaction

Lawrence Zambotti,, COO
540.270 .2376


Camille Ramsay, Manager of Business Operations

Task Orders:

This space will be reserved for future Task Orders.