Specturm Defender™

Spectrum Defender™ is a complete solution for detection, capture, analysis and reproduction of RF signals in today’s congested and hostile electromagnetic spectrum. Four software components form the core of Spectrum Defender: Surveyor, Recorder, Player and Reviewer. These software components are compatible with a wide variety of different instrumentation hardware, with frequency ranges from 20Hz to 14GHz, and analysis/record/reproduction bandwidths of up to 100MHz/channel. Two additional software components, EMSEC Basic and EMSEC Advanced, extend Spectrum Defender’s capabilities to Emission Security (EMSEC) applications.

Spectrum Defender Software Components


  • Scan the RF spectrum for signals of interest
  • Autonomously monitor specific frequencies for signal activity or mask compliance
  • Save spectrum plots on user defined events
  • Notify via e-mail or SNMP on user defined events
  • Record full fidelity RF signals on user defined events (requires companion Recorder module)


  • Capture RF signals with full fidelity
  • Continuously record up to 110MHz of RF spectrum for minutes, hours or days
  • Display and observe spectrum prior to recording with a familiar spectrum analyzer mode user interface


  • Playback RF capture files with real-time, full fidelity reproduction of the original RF signal
  • Reproduce complex, time variant, real-world RF signals from the field in a repeatable, controlled, laboratory environment


  • Analyze RF capture files
  • Review previously recorded files on-screen in a spectrum analyzer style display
  • Quickly verify signal capture quality in the field
  • Preview files onscreen prior to playback