Specturm Defender™

Spectrum Defender™ is a complete solution for detection, capture, analysis and reproduction of RF signals in today’s congested and hostile electromagnetic spectrum. Four software components form the core of Spectrum Defender: Surveyor, Recorder, Player and Reviewer. These software components are compatible with a wide variety of different instrumentation hardware, with frequency ranges from 20Hz to 14GHz, and analysis/record/reproduction bandwidths of up to 100MHz/channel. Two additional software components, EMSEC Basic and EMSEC Advanced, extend Spectrum Defender’s capabilities to Emission Security (EMSEC) applications.


  • Single Channel Record Only or Playback only
  • Single/Multi Record and Playback
  • Multi-Channel Record or Multi-Channel Playback
  • Alternate RF front-ends; Interfaces to other industry standard Vector Signal Analyzers
  • Advanced Timing and Geo-location options (GPS, IMU, IRIG)
  • Alternate chassis configurations support both portable applications and rackmount installation (rackmount example shown in below photo)
  • Removable RAID modules available
  • DC power input configurations available