Machine & Vision Inspection Systems

Our self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. Their ability to inspect parts, identify defects or guide robots is unparalleled, and it is all contained within a range of compact, durable housing options suitable for a wide range of environments.

Vision Systems Experts

We are experts in vision systems. We don't just provide the individual items; we build full solutions, designed to meet tailored to your exact requirements and implement the solution for you, so you can be sure that it will work perfectly and be on hand at all times for on-going advice and information. Our camera based automated inspection systems will revolutionise the way your factory works. Our engineers know production lines and industrial automation inside out. We are specialists in building bespoke machine vision systems to address a variety of problems and our solutions are proven to increase efficiency and productivity.

Reduces defects: Protect brand reputation – avoid mis-labelling, safety – colour checking

Increases Yield – reduces waste, identify bad parts early in production process

How co-ordinated are your production cycle processes? Manufacturing executing systems (MES) take production data from databases such as SAP, and use this data to set up the production line for the job in question.

Putting the wrong labels on the wrong products could cost a business enormously. Using an MES ensures accuracy by automating the set-up process for a wide variety of variables (including batch codes, date codes and printed languages). What may take hours to achieve manually takes a matter of minutes with MES, so it also speeds up the process significantly, saving you time and money.

ADS designs and implements turnkey MES Solutions. The systems start with a high grade industrial ethernet network with layer3 backbone and hyper ring technology. The data being collated into a central MES database.

Our Service: We provide a full-service solution for our clients. We start with you helping to identify the problem and devising the best solution; implementing the system at your premises; and building a customised interface with an output to suit your needs – whether this is a database contact, PLC, or discrete I/O.